I am a hot mess

Sophie Fortier - Ottawa Wedding Photographer

⁠You know the woman who struts into the Market on York Street with heels, purse swinging from her elbow, makeup perfectly applied with a fresh blowout? We've all seen her. She's confident and acts like Ottawa's humidity doesn't affect her. She's kind of a unicorn right?⁠

My reality looks like lugging gear bags into the market, messy bun with curls spilling out of it. Humidity making it get frizzier by the second. Likely with that very bag half open because I was too lazy or too exited to shoot to actually close it. I'll be sweating, my mascara slightly smudged. I'll be the one directing a couple who's laughing a little too hard at a bad joke I just told, while also yelling "YEES, that's perfect!" across the street to that same couple. I may or may not have a toothpaste stain on my shirt, or a deodorant mark fully visible because I applied it too fast.

⁠What I wouldn't give to look like that composed woman who struts about like she is exactly where she belongs. The thing about me is that I am not that person and I've only recently started to accept that. I laugh and my whole body shakes, I get loud when I'm excited, my curls get big in the humidity and I will always have some sort or mark that I'm actually a hot mess. ⁠Please tell me I'm not the only one? If you're that other woman in the market, tell me your secrets. Seriously, leave a comment because I'd love to know! ⁠

Sophie Fortier - Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Sophie Fortier