Prince Edward Island - my sanctuary

You might not know this about me, but PEI is the place I go to unwind. Once a year, Nick and I (and usually a friend or two) make the 14 hour drive down to the beautiful island for some R&R. I’ve had a lot of questions about it, so I thought I’d share my favourite things about the island here.

Sophie Fortier - Ottawa Wedding Photographer


Is there really anything better than sipping a margarita, sitting on a beach with no agenda in mind? I would argue quite strongly that no, there isn’t. That is my ultimate happy place. In fact, when the wind-chill in Ottawa reaches it’s peak, right around -40 degrees celcius, it’s exactly how I imagine myself. They have so many beaches that a common phrase is “every mile a beach, every beach a mile”. They've got squeaking sands, white soft sand, rocky sand, beaches by cliffs, beaches by dunes, beaches by boardwalks and THREE provincial parks that cover all of those beautiful sights to see.


Those long, winding roads with potato, mustard and wheat fields fill my need for getting away from the city like nothing else. Not to mention that you can turn down a red dirt road and find your way to a coastline just about anywhere. There is always somewhere new to go, some hidden pocket to explore and always, always a new lighthouse to find. There are actually 63 on the island, with 35 of them still active. Be sure to keep your white shoes at home though, those red dirt roads stain anything and everything.


There is SO MUCH good food on the Island! From small chip trucks, to gourmet restaurants to downtown pubs, there is something for everyone. With fresh seafood no matter where you go, to the best grilled cheese, there’s always good food right around the corner. The Fall Flavours Festival is one of PEI’s favourite festivals. It features local, world-renowned chefs and with various food events, you won’t leave hungry. Attending, you can expect authentic Acadian food, the best potatoes, fresh oysters, lobster dinners on the beach, steak from locally grown beef and many more. Needless to say, PEI has no shortage of good food.


If you know me, you know I would always rather be at home knitting and watching re-runs of Grey’s Anatomy than going out on the town. I am an introvert at heart and part of that is because I spent a lot of time working in retail and seeing how…difficult people can be. The locals in PEI are different. They always greet you with a smile, they’re quick to give you directions or recommendations and always offer a helping hand. A community of Amish came to the island in 2016 and they were welcomed with open arms. If that doesn’t tell you anything about PEI’s residents, I can tell you that Renfrew’s ( a small town just west of Ottawa) Amish community was not welcomed so quickly back in 2014.

So all in all, PEI is definitely a place you need to visit and in lieu of that, I will continue to strive going once a year to get away.

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