Blush Branding Launch

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I spent months waiting to announce this to ya’ll and today is the official day you get to know what’s happening! I am launching an extension of Sophie Fortier Photography.

Welcome to Blush Branding, where your brand comes to flourish. Offering Branding Photography was a no-brainer. I have extensive experience in product photography, a love of all things small business and a passion for local boss babes. Mash it all up and you’ve got Blush Branding.

Diving into the digital world of social media, a consistent, clear brand is more important than ever. Delivering beautiful images for your business that showcase your brand is what I aim to do. Everything from product, to headshots, to social media content, I will make sure you are in love with all of it!

Branding sessions are tailored to each and every client, so I meet with you to chat about your goals, your business and your story. I want to get to know YOU so I can better showcase your brand! At the end of the day, your clients was to connect with you and having strong, fresh content will go a long way to doing just that.

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What is Branding Photography?

Your brand is more than just a logo and a set of dedicated colours. It’s a representation of your business and the heart that goes into it. Brand Photography is a set of professional images to showcase that passion. From products, to headshots, to social media content, your brand should have a cohesive, professional feel to it and that’s exactly what branding photography is all about!

By choosing a personal service to showcase your work, you are getting a much better representation of your brand than the average stock photo service. I chat with you to get to know the story behind your business, the values you want to share with your clients and your personality. This way, your clients get to know you better and fall in love with your business!

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Why brand photography is important.

We are in the digital age; 80% of consumers trust a company more when they use social media. That number rises when the company decides to show the face behind it all. Think about your favourite brands; wouldn’t you love to know how they spend their time?

When you showcase yourself, your team, the people who make up your business… things change. People get a glimpse into the process, they get to see what it looks like to work with you and imagine themselves as part of that process. Images that feature people take your brand from hypothetical to tangible!

Branding photography allows your brand to shine. It gives you content for all forms of marketing, while keeping a consistent feel you just can’t get with a phone. By showcasing you and your values, you business will thrive!

You can check out my new webpage all about the new services, including pricing and some branding examples I’ve done in the past couple of weeks! PS. that pricing will only be good for the first ten clients that sign up for my services, after 10, I am bumping up the prices so get ready to fall in ove with your brand all oer again.

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