Sarah + Louis

This session started off a little differently than I am used to. My aunt Jessie contacted me asking if I was interested in shooting a wonderful couple's fall engagement shoot. She wanted to gift the session; which only goes to show you how amazingly generous Jessie is. With the leaves taking so much time to turn this year, there was some rescheduling and location scouting involved but I believe we found the perfect spot for a dreamy engagement session. 

These two were the most coordinated couple I've ever photographed. They had multiple outfits, all cohesive, stylish and, uniquely them. Jessie wanted to be part of the shoot so she was my assistant for the day; she was definitely the most enthusiastic assistant I've had, beyond exited to help. Sarah and Louis only had eyes for each other, which made this my favourite session to date. Sarah is in love with all things fall, so we made sure to find a location that would provide everything she dreamed of. Leaves, trails, nature, a waterfall; the shoot was complete with pumpkins, a lantern and, a few blankets. After the long walk and posing for the better part of an hour, drinks at the closest pub were a necessity for closing off the day.