Ira + Jessie

If I could have planned a Canadian styled photoshoot, I could not have made it better than this. Jessie and Ira have a standing tradition of cutting down their own Christmas tree at a family owned farm in Navan. Arriving at the location, a small cabin doubles as a quaint antique store full of treasures and decorations. I was already exited. 

Armed with a saw, a sled and our boots, we set out to find the perfect tree. A few winding paths later and we found a location to shoot with the perfect light. In typical Jessie and Ira fashion, they opened a bottle of red wine; having forgotten the bottle opener, they used an old key, twisting it beyond use and drank the wine out of mugs. Once we walked around the property some more, they found their perfect tree, pulling it along to their car with smiles. The best part of Brigg's Tree Farm? The hot chocolate.