I take up space

Sophie Fortier - Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Let’s have a real conversation. I take up space. I’ve got big, curly hair. I’ve got a loud voice, and it gets louder when I am excited. I belt out my favourite jams in the car and shake the car while I dance along (badly). I have a big body, I am tall and I am above average size (what can I say? I can’t resist carbs). I’ve got strong opinions and a personality that loves to debate. I am messy - I leave my shit everywhere. I cuss. A lot. I have so many ideas that I am always thinking of something new; that means a lot of my ideas are unfinished.

I take up space.

I am SO FUCKING tired of trying not to. For years, I straightened my hair, hated my body, kept opinions to myself, was afraid to try new things. I avoided confrontation and never took charge of any situation. I wanted to make sure no one hated me. There’s this notion that you should make yourself small to be liked. You should loose weight. You should be more agreeable. You shouldn’t have strong opinions. You should avoid showing emotion. You shouldn’t swear.

I’m done making myself small. Here’s the thing: that person that was SO AFRAID of being hated? She got hated anyway. People won’t like you for a myriad of reasons. So I’m done. I’m saying ENOUGH. I will no longer try to make myself small.

I will eat the damn carbs, fluff up my curls and march on. I will continue to cuss and take charge when it’s necessary. I will speak up for that 14 year old getting harassed at the bus stop. I will let my tears flow while you walk down the aisle. I will wear whatever I damn well please. I will throw up my hands when my favourite song comes on. I will drink margaritas all year long and ignore your judging eyes.

I take up space. I am big, I am loud, I am who I am and the small box you’re trying to put me in won’t work for me. So get out of here with your fucking box and move on. I don’t need your negativity in my life.

So go on boo, with your bad, big self and take up some fucking space.

Sophie Fortier - Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Sophie Fortier - Ottawa Wedding Photographer
Sophie Fortier