5 Mistakes you're making that impact your photographer.

Here are a few things to consider if you want your images to turn out as spectacularly as your relationship!


Window Light

Not having any natural light in your getting ready area will greatly affect your images and the impact they have. Big or small windows can be worked with but without them, having a flash go off during this process is not only disruptive but give a whole different look to your images. You should choose choose your location based on how much space you need and the amount of light there is available to help your photographer out a little more. Poor lighting leads to low-quality photos a create more work for your photographer.

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Bad Florals

Florals are some of my favourite things to photograph at weddings. They add colour and personality to each and every couple. Florals should breathe! Tight bouquets are getting outdated and that's mostly because they don't give off a "wow" factor, so we like to stay away from them! Choose a colour palate that works for you! It doesn't necessarily have to match your wedding decor either, sometimes contrast is super pretty! Good florals don't pull focus from the couple, they compliment!


Short Sparklers

Short sparklers run out really quickly and don't give out much light. You'll want to use them later in the night, which means they'll be the main light source of the shot because using flash completely ruins the look of these images! 
The long ones stay lit for such a longer amount of time, this will not only allow your moment to be a few minutes rather than 30 seconds, your guests will have more fun! It will also allow you images to be extra sparkly and beautiful.

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Things that don't matter

There are a few things that people focus on that become secondary on the day of:
-What they eat and while while they get ready. Keep it simple, you won't even remember it later!
- Reception games for guests. Most of the time, these games don't get played and no one wants to be forced to play them either. 
- Trying to please everyone else. This is YOUR day. Keep it simple or make it extravagant,  but this is your day. You will NOT be able to please everyone involved so don't bother trying. 


Ceremony in direct sunlight

We LOVE all the natural light possible but when it comes to choosing your ceremony location and time, the one thing you can do wrong is placing it in direct sunlight. It will result in you squinting and some very harsh shadows.Make sure the sun is behind the ceremony area, creating a more even light situation or make sure it's in shadow - it'll cool off your guests and prevent everyone from trying to see you properly by squinting. Early morning or late afternoon is the best time since it's the softest light.

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All of this to say, there are decisions you’re going to be making for your big day that will greatly affect the outcome of your images. For the best results, we recommend that you speak to your photographer about your goals and what you’re looking to achieve on your wedding day. You want to avoid harsh shadows, which means watch the way the sun moves at your venue and visit during different times of the day to choose when you think it’ll be nicest. Also try to avoid anything with pot-lights, the top down lighting is really harsh and difficult to work with. Consider hiring a lighting designer - they are AMAZING and go through so much you’ve never thought of before to make your wedding as romantic and perfectly lit as possible. I know, you’ve never heard of such a thing, but I promise that you won’t regret hiring someone to configure it all for you!

If your priority isn’t photography and capturing the moments, but geared towards the party you’re throwing and the dance floor, that’s perfectly fine! Just take into consideration the lighting during your ceremony at the very least - those are the images that have the most impact in 20 years.