Unplugged weddings


Why you should have an unplugged wedding.

I know how much of a hot topic this is but let me try to convince you why this is the best decision you're ever going to make.

These are the Pros of an Unplugged Ceremony and why I think it's something you should wholeheartedly consider.

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The first thing I'd like to go over with you about this subject is that you've chosen an amazing photographer to capture your big day. Those images will last a lifetime and your photographer is trained to capture every moment just the way you've envisioned it. 

When Aunt Grace pulls out her cell phone, it's not only distracting to you, if obscures our view and narrows down our options for capturing your ceremony. Most often, everyone pull out their phones and don't ever look at those images again. I believe that your wedding is more than just an Instagram post opportunity; it's a choice that two people are making to join their lives. I love seeing an engaged ceremony. When people put their phones away, it makes them stay in the moment, live through the words and feelings of it all and focus on the couple rather than getting the right angle and zoom to see your dress. 

You get the images of your big day to share anywhere and everywhere; those blurry cell phone images don't do you and your outfit justice - trust me! Having an Unplugged Ceremony gives us as photographers freedom to move about and get the shots we know you're looking or without worry of tripping over someone in the aisle - I've had it happen! Or seeing all of the screen held up in the air for the big kiss and missing the shot because someone pulled out an iPad and got in front of our lens - this is also a common occurrence. 

There are better ways to create memories. We promise to share links and galleries with your friends and family so they can experience the day all over again with beautiful imagery that truly represents you as a couple.