Nick + Nat

This day was so beyond magical that I can’t even describe it. I met Nat back in pre-school. She will never let me forget (even though I don’t remember this) that I stole her rainbow cats-in-the-cradle string back then. I changed schools two years later but found her once more in high school. She has stayed by my side through the brooding years, through finding the love of my life and the drama that came from that, through the college and busy years of starting this business. We don’t hang out nearly as much as I’d like to, but when we do, I love that we can pickup right where we left off as though six months haven’t just passed. She was the original model that I took into the forrest to shoot in mud and mosquitos, to shoot all the crazy ideas I had in my head to build a portfolio. She is the one who is always down for a photoshoot and doesn’t really care what she has to do to be a part of it.

I, along with so many other people in her life have told her she should be a model. She did it once, a hair salon hired her to promote some new techniques. When she finished that shoot, I will never forget what she told me. “I was so uncomfortable. You are a better photographer than that guy ever will be.” No, I don’t know who that man was, I’ve never really cared. I do recognize that the shoots we’ve had were very different than the context he put her in. I never had to shoot Nat for commercial work. I did have her in the studio at school quite a few times, even won an award with her as my subject in college. I recognize that we are friends and our boundaries are different than a stranger’s would be. But that compliment pushed me. It fuelled me to be the person who keeps her couples comfortable and laughing in front of her lens. It inspired me to challenge myself and go for this crazy dream.

Nick and Nat met a few years ago and I remember watching them at a house party, having this instant connection. Years later, they have just closed on the purchase of their first home and starting their life together. Their relationship is filled with movie dates, good food and laughter; and I could not love that more. So I am going to raise a glass to them, thank you for always, always being my friends through this whirlwind of starting a business and being willing to do anything for the shot. An especially big thank you to Nat, for putting up with all the things throughout our friendship[, for always being down for a shoot and for inspiring me to live this life a real shot.

Of course this day would not have been possible without our amazing vendors, so check out the list below to get the down low on them!

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Venue : The Herb Garden

Second Shooter: Kathy Hoos

Dress : Fairy Dreams Bridal

Suit : Mario Uomo

Florals : Stoneblossom Floral Gallery

Invitations : DaisyDesigns

Snacks : Doughbaby Doughnuts

Makeup : Pretty Little You

Hair: Emma’s Hairstyling

Models : Natasha + Nick