Marlee + Forrest

These two have the kind of relationship everyone wants. They're the ones that met as young kids and got together in high school; the ones voted most likely to get married during graduation. Their friends dubbed them "couple goals" long before the term was coined. They will have so many stories to tell their families and love to spare. 

The more weddings I have the privilege of capturing, the more I love them. Marlee and Forrest's big day was beautiful and unique and chaotic. The bridesmaids got ready in the basement, doing each other's hair and makeup, joking around, sharing champagne and just having fun. Meanwhile, Forrest was writing his vows and toasting rum with his best friends, finishing off with a stop to McDonalds before the ceremony. 

The couple shared a moment before they walked down the aisle; they took some time to exchange letters and whisper shared secrets. The groom was not allowed to see his bride in her dress before she walked down that aisle so we kept it around a corner of a beautiful building at the Cumberland Heritage Museum. There was some delay in the ceremony as the weather (as it's been the past couple of weeks) was all over the place. Rain one minute and sun shining the next. Nothing could dampen the beautiful ceremony officiated by the bride's uncle though, and the day continued. 

The love these two share is so sweet and pure that I could only capture a fraction of it. I am honoured to have shared their big day (even if it was technically the third time they were getting married) and could not be happier with the results. Special shout to my second shooter, Josie Baerg for the awesome work!